All About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is defined by a mental and/or physical dependence on at least one narcotic, be it a street drug or the abuse of prescription medication. With regular use tolerances form and more and more is needed in order to get high. It is a strong and overwhelming need to continue taking the drug no matter how devastating the consequences might be. It is the continuous chasing of that first high, the first altered state of mind and the euphoria, however far away it gets.
Once a person has got a drug addiction, the need to source drugs and use drugs starts to take precedence in their life, hobbies stop, health and relationships start to deteriorate and fall apart. They need to use in order to deal with life and to do the day to day tasks.

Drug Addiction

Most drug use starts as a way of having fun, to rebel, through peer pressure or to try a new experience. But experimenting with drugs does not have to lead to drug addiction, the barrier is broken when the drug becomes the main point of focus, it is no longer to have fun it is now to get high when the user starts to live only for drugs. Drug addiction can be broken up in to two type of addiction physical and mental but since drugs vary to such a degree some create one type of addiction and some create both.

Physical Drug Addiction

Physical addiction is what it says, the body starts to desire and need the drug becoming physically dependant on the drug addiction in order to function properly. In most cause the neural pathways are rewritten altering the way the mind works, forcing to the body to go into physical withdrawal whenever the drug is not used for a period of time.
Withdrawal can be a terrible experience, with hot and cold flushes, aching in the bones, shaking, vomiting and seizures in some cases. But what makes it so insidious is the drug addict knows that they can stop all the pain and sickness if they use, thus prolonging the drug addiction.

For a physical drug addiction a detox and inpatient rehab are always recommended

Psychological Drug Addiction

Even if drug addiction does not create a physical addiction, it does create a psychological addiction in drug addicts. A mental or psychological addiction creates a mental craving, which is an overwhelming obsession to use drugs, the every thought is about the drug, how they will get the drug and when will they be able to get high.
The addiction is distinct from a physical drug addiction in that there are rarely withdrawals, but that doesn’t mean the distress caused on the addict is any less devastating. The mental obsession can be debilitating and all-consuming with the overriding to use the drugs.

Effects of Drug Addiction

When drug addiction takes hold it has been compared to slavery, the addict is compelled to use taking any choice out of the matter; you become a slave to the drug. The first thing to go is the morals, stealing, lying and cheating become everyday occurrences, work becomes an obstacle to using so you either get fired or leave. Drugs cost money so to get more and more you start to do worse and worse things. So in the end there are two options, get recovery and rehab or jails and death.


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